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SoHHytec secures seed funding of USD 2 Million led by FUND4SE

Lausanne, Switzerland, 20th January 2022 – SoHHytec SA, a Swiss cleantech startup with unique technology for green hydrogen production, announces that it has successfully raised USD 2 Million in seed round financing led by Singapore based Fund for Sustainability and Energy (FUND4SE PTE LTD). This seed round will enable product development and deployment for the industrial use case.

SoHHytec’s technology enables decentralized production of Hydrogen, along with oxygen, electricity and heat, without any CO2 emissions and with unprecedented solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency. The technology is a result of more than eight years of extensive research and development and is now ready to be applied to industrial use. SoHHytec has already won several entrepreneurship awards and previously secured a total of ~1.6 M USD in non-dilutive funding which fueled the development of its artificial tree ‘Arb’ system. This seed financing provides further support to expedite industrial deployment, and for the commercialization and industrialization of SoHHytec’s products.

Dr. Saurabh Tembhurne, Founder and CEO, SoHHytec said: “We are proud and excited to have FUND4SE, who shares our vision and values, onboard our journey of making sustainable fuels a reality of today. The capital raise enables us to deploy our systems and enter targeted markets. Beyond monetary support, we look forward to working together to achieve unprecedented impact and make the world more sustainable.”

Denis Muratov, Managing Partner, FUND4SE expressed: “We are incredibly excited to invest into SoHHytec at this pivotal moment in their growth, and at a critical time for the development of green hydrogen technologies, particularly with our focus on clean transportation, which can only be achieved with affordable and renewable hydrogen. We are proud to support SoHHytec on our joint mission to decarbonize the global economy.”

Prof. Sophia Haussener, Co-founder and Scientific Advisor, SoHHytec commented: “We are entering an attractive partnership with FUND4SE that will enable the large-scale demonstration and deployment of our co-generation technology targeted for industrial customers. Getting connected with Fund4SE’s network will initiate unique opportunities to revolutionize the energy and hydrogen commodity market.”


SoHHytec provides artificial trees for the onsite and cost-effective production of solar hydrogen while co-generating oxygen, electricity and heat. SoHHytec's product 'Arb' is a fully automated, plug and play system for solar fuel and power production with best-in-class efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness requiring minimal maintenance. SoHHytec’s innovative patented technology is based on a novel integrated photo-electrochemical device working with concentrated solar irradiation.


Fund for Sustainability and Energy (FUND4SE) is a venture capital and alternative investments fund focused on investing in unique sustainability and energy efficiency technologies. FUND4SE’s deep and diverse industry knowledge enables it to shepherd product development from inception to completion. FUND4SE provides support and expertise, including production scale optimization, increasing manufacturing capabilities and reducing costs.

SoHHytec SA

EPFL Innovation Park

Bâtiment C, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland


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