SoHHytec has won several entrepreneurship awards as well as secured a total of ~1,100,000 CHF in grant money for ongoing product development and research for renewable Fuel (Hydrogen), Electricity and Heat production.

  • FIT SEED 2020

  • Venture Kick 2020

  • Innosuisse Bridge PoC grant 2017-19

  • SFOE research and product development grant 2018-20

  • Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Award 2019-20

  • EPFL infrastructure dept. grant 2017-19

  •  EPFL Enable grant 2017-18

  • Global Change Award accelerator 2016-17

  • Venture Lab’s AIT finalist 2016

  • Best Nano-Tera Entrepreneurship Project Award 2016

  • Winner of Buhler Energy Challenge 2015

  • Winner Nano-Tera Entrepreneurship Next step PhD program 2015  



SoHHytec received the Best Entrepreneurship Award at the 2016 Nano-Tera ch annual meeting. 



CTO of Buhler group presents the Buhler Energy Challange 2015 winner award to SoHHytec.



SoHHytec at the Swissnex India in Banglore as part of the academia industry trainaing (AIT) camp 2016.