Arb is your one stop system for all your energy needs, be it Fuel, Electricity or Heat.

Arb is a highly advanced and innovative solution for replacing the conventional fossil fuel based energy.

Arb takes only sunlight and water as the input and produces fuel (hydrogen), electricity and heat at the same time. Arb has a total efficiency of ~70% and requires minimal ground/roof space.


Sun + Water = Fuel (Hydrogen) + Electricity + Heat

Arb is based on our patent-pending concentrated integrated photo-electrochemical technology and utilizes our patent-pending system controller for cost-effective and cleaner-greener fuel and power production.


What We Do


Analyse your Needs


Design for You


Build with You


Caretaking for lifetime


Our first pilot system is under completion at the EPFL Lausanne campus.

We invite to visit us at the Arb's birth site.

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